The Threat

After decades of protection and on false pretenses, language was slipped into the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that would — for the first time — allow for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Oil industry allies in Congress circumvented normal legislative channels to pass an Arctic Refuge drilling bill that on its own would have been impossible, as drilling in the Refuge is widely opposed by the American people. 

From the beginning, the Trump Administration set out to rush this process, depriving federal and climate scientists, the Gwich’in people, and the American public of the opportunity to meaningfully contribute. Despite promising a robust, scientifically sound review process, the Trump Interior Department has repeatedly cut corners at every step of this process.

The Trump Administration’s rush to sell off the Arctic Refuge must be halted. Interior is barreling forward with plans for destructive oil and gas exploration and drilling, disregarding the devastating biological, cultural, and climate impacts fossil fuel extraction will have in the rapidly-warming Arctic.

Momentum is on our side: Allies in Congress are working to restore protections to the Arctic Refuge. Corporations and banks are re-evaluating the risks of investing in destructive drilling that will forever alter the landscape of the Arctic Refuge, with some pledging not to fund projects. Indigenous rights and climate activists are uniting across the country to speak out in opposition to this wildly unpopular effort. Now the question is, which oil company will do President Trump’s bidding?

Join us to protect this sacred place.